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Meet the board members of IIDA North Florida Chapter

Nichole Smith


Learn about Nichole



Learn about President-Elect

Mary Couch

Past President

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 Canitha Raynor

VP of Professional Development 

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Rebecca Davisson

VP of Advocacy

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Allison Brown

VP of Membership

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Hannah Taddeo

VP of Sponsorship

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Kristin Jones

Director of Sponsorship

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Carlie Cole

VP of Events

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Emi Chavez-Miller

Director of Events


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Emily Haynes

VP of Communications

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Kevin Gray

VP of City Centers


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Kristina Heekin

Gainesville City Center Director

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Jessica Vander Biezen

VP of Student Affairs

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Johanna Thiger

Director of Student Affairs

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Reshalla Ramsaran

Director of Finance

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